Music In Village is a sustainable festival: we truly believe that it is important to protect the location, Parco IV Novembre, and Pordenone, our host city. It is a sign of respect towards the environment, but also towards ourselves and others.

This is why we have created simple but effective initiatives that demonstrate the consideration we have for the environment, which we also want to share with you, and which lead us to take care of it.

We believe that a small gesture from each of us is a big gesture of love towards others and nature.

Sorting and recycling with GEA

Music In Village is the perfect event to have fun and spend a carefree evening eating great street food, drinking a beer and listening to great music in good company.

After enjoying your favourite dinner chosen from the many food trucks, you will surely have plates, glasses, cutlery, towels on your table, or, during the concerts, after drinking your beer, soft drink or water, you will find yourself with an empty glass in your hand to dispose of.

Look at the waste you have to throw away by reading what it is made of and help us by sorting it correctly. We have set up collection points to help you sort it accurately.

You will find special bins for each type of waste, which will be provided by GEA, our ecological partner, which also takes care of cleaning the IV Novembre park and Pordenone.

In this way you help us to keep the festival area tidy and clean, doing good for yourselves, others and the place that hosts us, and we do not have to re-sort the waste correctly.

On each table you will find a sign reminding you to leave it clean after you have finished eating and to sort your waste correctly.

Come to the festival by bike!

There are certainly plenty of parking spaces in the city, but if you live in the city why not avoid traffic and queues by preferring an environmentally friendly means of transport such as the bicycle?

You can move around Pordenone comfortably and at the park you will find all the racks to leave your bicycles, without having to move your car unnecessarily to cover a short distance.

Do you need a good reason? You don't have the problem of parking and its possible cost, you don't get stuck in city traffic, you save petrol. And then you do good for yourself as well as the environment: you have a nice ride outdoors!