To protect the health and sensitive hearing of our four-legged friends, as the festival area is obviously subject to noise caused by live music and the presence of many people, their access to the festival area is not recommended.


- Bring in suitcases, trolleys, bags and backpacks larger than 10 litres (approximately the size of an a4 sheet);
- Bring in spray cans (mosquito repellent, deodorant, sunscreen, etc.);
- Introduce stadium bugles;
- Introduce weapons, chains, explosive material, pyrotechnic devices, smoke bombs or other cutting or pointing objects, in general objects likely to cause offence;
- Introduce helmets, umbrellas and poles;
- Introduce alcoholic beverages of any strength;
- Introduce drugs, poisons, noxious substances and inflammable material;
- Enter and display oneself in a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs;
- Bring in cans, glass bottles, or plastic bottles > 0.5L (only 0.5L bottles or smaller are allowed, strictly without a cap);
- Bring in selfie sticks or tripods;
- Bring in musical instruments;
- Bring in pens or laser pointers;
- Introduce remote-controlled drones or aeroplanes;
- Introduce audio/video recording equipment (smartphones are fine);
- Introduce professional or semi-professional cameras (except for authorised personnel);

- Introduce GoPro, iPads and tablets;
- Bring in bicycles, skateboards, skates and overboards;
- Bring in tents and sleeping bags;
- Display material that obstructs the visibility of other spectators or interferes with emergency signs or otherwise obstructs escape routes to exits;
- Carry out any kind of commercial activity that has not been authorised in advance, in writing, by the association organising the event;
- Engage in aggressive acts towards the control personnel;
- Damage or tamper with facilities, infrastructures and services of the system in any way;
- Climb over balustrades, parapets, partitions and other structures not intended for the public's stay;
- Stand on access and escape routes and any other escape routes;
- Any person in an obvious state of drunkenness and/or alteration or for any other legitimate reason will be prohibited from entering the concert;
- People in the same condition during the event, creating a disturbance or nuisance to those present, will be removed from the concert;
- Any other action deemed necessary to provide the highest level of security and the smooth running of the event will be taken.